Stay healthy and active when traveling to Palo Alto

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Stay healthy and active when traveling to Palo Alto

It's not easy stay fit and healthy while you're on the go, but when you're visiting Palo Alto, staying active is always on everyone's mind. With an array of great fitness options to keep your heart rate high, you don't have to look far to find a moment to exercise. With yoga and Pilates in Palo Alto the options are endless. Plus, the Creekside Inn even offers space for exercise right where you sleep: pick up a yoga mat for a bit of serenity on your own, or take advantage of the fitness center available on site. Two nearby studios are standouts in our book - Reach Fitness has been operating in downtown Palo Alto since 1998 and offers classes from certified instructors. The classes offered range from introductory sessions to advanced, so no matter your level you'll feel right at home. Plus, with more than 40 classes a week featuring small batches of students (up to five per class), each student gets the special treatment they need to be physically pushed while remaining safe and comfortable. Staying healthy and fit while on the road might also means it's important to find your center. Samyama Yoga Center offers a safe space for serene tranquility. With its central location to downtown Palo Alto, comforting studio, engaging yoga instructors who make everyone feel at ease, and a hefty class schedule (that can include up to six classes in a day!) there's something for everyone. Of course, if you don't have the time to venture too far from Creekside Inn, the property also has its own 24-hour fitness center and offers yoga mats for guests at the front desk.

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