Viewing Rare Snowy Egrets

About 2 year(s) ago by Amanda Mane
A Pair of Snowy Egrets

In wandering trails of the Baylands Natural Preserves, one could take a whole day exploring any of the 15 miles across one of the largest wetlands in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a wonderful weekday loop, try the moderately rated North Bayfront Loop Trail. One can take up to an hour and 46 minutes to complete the loop. When approaching this trail, keep in mind the elusive California Clapperrail can turn up in the marshes, be ready to zoom in with your camera to snap a picture! The highest chance of gaining a glimpse of this bird is had by attending the trail during high tide or shortly after the tide has receded. Check the local tide here before heading out!

Another frequented out & back, 5 mile trail with abundant wildlife and rare bird sightings is on the Baylands Trail. This trail is busy on the weekends, has rocks and is partially paved. Excited for a nature challenge? Do your best to spot the Snowy Egret, a.k.a. "Little" Egret. This small bird is often confused with the Great Egret, who is larger in size and is also white with an "S' Shaped neck,. The Great Egret has yellow dagger-like bill and black feet. The "Little" Egret has a smaller build, with a black bill and yellow feet. Can you tell which bird is the rare, "Snowie" in the picture above?

Let us know when you decide to visit this trail, a seasonal creek runs through our property and we can get you a special room with a patio nearby so you can listen to the water trickling as you sleep!